How to Manifest With Your Energy + DIY Manifesting Ritual

How to Manifest With Your Energy + DIY Manifesting Ritual

How to Manifest With Your Energy + DIY Manifesting Ritual

How to Manifest With Your Energy + DIY Manifesting Ritual

Besides our thoughts, the quality of our being determines our experience on Earth. We can either let our negative experiences and emotions take the driver seat and manifest more of the same or we can learn our lessons, acknowledge what needs attention, and transform. Here is the process of manifestation in six simple steps, along with a 15-minute exercise you can practice on your own, to call in your dreams and desires.

Know that you’re not alone.

We don’t have to change our energy by relying on our own strength. We can ask our Highest Self, our angels, or the Universe to channel strength, understanding, and compassion exactly where and when we need it. Release the need to rely on your own energy and knowledge. You don’t have to figure it all out. It is safe for you to take a break, and call in support. The exact support that you need can come in the form of books, people, or even money. Begin with calling in support from a presence greater than you.

Start with a clear intention.

Ask for what you would like to experience. What energies and emotions do you want to invoke in your body, mind and soul? For example, if you’re calling in a new job opportunity, welcome the feelings that you’re looking forward to in that job offer. They may be of empowerment, ease, balance, or freedom. Cultivate the courage to ask for what you need. As you begin a daily practice of setting intentions, you will align your thoughts, and actions with those intentions, resulting in momentum towards your dreams.

Live in that vibration.

The energy of what you’re seeking is already within you. You just have to choose that frequency more regularly. Make a list of where and when you already feel the emotions, which you would like to call in, in your current reality. Lean into these experiences and use them as inspiration when determining your next move. If you’re calling in a soulmate, begin to harness the feelings of unconditional love, vulnerability and acceptance for yourself and those that are already in your life. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated by your soulmate. As you raise your vibration, you will call in people, opportunities, and blessings that match that frequency.

Say no to everything that isn’t 100% in alignment.

Become aware of the ways in which you settle for what’s not in alignment with your worth. Reflect on what you value the most. Begin to say “no thanks” to the opportunities that you would’ve previously said yes to without hesitation or dreadfully. Rushing into a relationship, or opportunity that seems “almost right” can backfire later on. Consider how you previously suffered from settling into situations that seemed good enough. Practice the challenging art of patience and let the Universe know you’re ready for the what’s truly in alignment for you.

Trust the process.

Drop the resistance and lean into the experience that you are having in this moment with acceptance. Trust that what you need and what is of the highest good is on it’s way to you already. What you receive will be exactly what you asked for, or alternatively, what you need in that moment. That may include learning experiences for your evolvement. Take time to reflect on why what you are receiving and experiencing may be in your greatest good.

Strengthen your “gratitude muscle”.

Gratitude fills our spirits regardless of whether our “end goal” has manifested or not. Take a few moments to feel gratitude and appreciation for what’s working. What is going in your stride today? Where in your life is there flow, synchronicity and miracles? Putting your awareness on that part of your life, will open you up to receive more. Thank your Highest Self, the Universe or any source of divinity that co-created your manifestation with you.

The emotions that we cultivate such as clarity, hope, faith, and gratitude are more important than the thoughts that we try to imprint. The process of manifestation can be as simple as asking for what we need, calling in Higher Guidance, leaning into the emotions that make us an energetic match for our manifestations, releasing what no longer serves us, appreciating the blessings, and surrendering to our path. Practice cultivating the essential emotions for manifestation with this meditation journey.

Manifesting Through Your Energy Ritual

  • Make yourself comfortable by either sitting up or lying down. Use props as needed to support your back or knees.
  • Connect to your breathe with the intention of connecting to your Highest Self. Breathe slowly and gently for several minutes until you drop into the present moment.
  • Call in your support team of Guides, Teachers and Healers. Envision a beautiful golden shower of light filling your being. Give yourself permission to feel their presence.
  • Clearly and unapologetically ask for all that you need and want. The Universe cannot hand to you what you want unless you put your intentions out there. List the emotions that you are ready to harness, such as clarity, joy, or confidence.
  • Visualize yourself feeling the emotions that you are manifesting. Feel what it’s like to be in that higher vibration. As your mind wavers, forgive yourself and return to your visualization.
  • Know that you’ve shifted your energy and you’ve allowed yourself to receive the divine support that you needed. It’s time to surrender to the outcome and let the Universe meet you halfway. All is coming. Affirm your trust in yourself, love, the goodness of humanity or Source.
  • Give thanks to your team of Divine Support for the many blessings that are already present in your life. Feel your heart expand with breathe and appreciation. Allow emotions to move through you.
  • When you’re ready, come out of your meditation and ground yourself with some stretches or water.

Credited to Parita Shah Healing

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