Why YOU Need a Body Wrap Treatment?

Why YOU Need a Body Wrap Treatment?

Why YOU Need a Body Wrap Treatment?

What is a body wrap?


Also known as a body mask or body cocoon, it is a spa treatment that assists in enhancing a healthy appearance of skin. The most common benefits of a body wrap are to take inches off by tightening and smoothing out cellulite.

Normally, a mineral or oil-rich formula is applied to the torso and limbs before it is wrapped in cotton, plastic film, or Mylar bandages. This helps remove dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin. Some spas include a scrub to prepare the skin before it is wrapped. Before starting the body wrapping treatment, make sure to go over the details with your masseuse for the day.

Usually, they cover the entire body but there are some exceptions like cellulite and bust wraps that are only applied to problem areas specified by the client.

Health and beauty benefits

There are quite a few health and beauty benefits of body wraps. We are going to discuss the ones that make the most impact.

1. Detoxification

Body wraps have all kinds of ingredients including detoxifying seaweed, algae, mud and clay which get rid of toxins through metabolic skin simulations. Skin is your largest organ. When you detoxify the epidermis (top layer of the skin), it will have a vast effect on your overall health.

2. Inch reduction

We long for reducing inches. An anti-cellulite body wrap that uses detoxifying ingredients along with firmly wrapped bandages will have you sweat out any toxins and excess water. It will also tighten your skin. An anti-cellulite body wrap will temporarily contour your curves which will take inches off of your skin. Try it out to see if you lose a size or two.

3. Dead skin removal

Some wraps have an exfoliation stage where dead skin cells are removed which will leave you with a flattering glow and smooth skin.

4. Moisturization

It is no secret that wraps contain vitamins and minerals. These moisturizing ingredients nourish, hydrate and smooth your skin to leave you radiant.

5. Relaxation

Once you are wrapped, your esthetician will leave you alone for 30 minutes to bask in the darkroom and melancholy music, giving you time to take a nap. Treat yourself to time alone with no interruption while your skin is getting the care that it needs.

6. Cellulite reduction
This is probably one of the most popular and quickest ways of diminishing cellulite. The best thing about it is that it will help to melt away fat deposits under the skin, and purge out toxins, aiding to lose some inches, tone up loose skin, detox, and reduce orange peel-like skin. Most of the anti-cellulite treatments contain herbal and marine active ingredients and offer additional skin and health benefits as well.

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