Essential Oils You Need for Summer

Essential Oils You Need for Summer

Essential Oils You Need for Summer

You know Essential Oils are great for any season, but we highly recommend taking advantage of these precious oils in the summer. With so many great uses for skin, hair, attitude, outdoor use and more, here are some beneficial Essential Oils to put to use this summer.

Essential Oils for Bugs

REVIVE Bugs Away: A powerful synergy made to help repel insects. Diffuse on your patio or create a DIY Bugs Away lotion (add a few drops to any unscented lotion and apply to skin) to keep bugs at bay.

Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Recognized as being a great natural alternative for chemical laden repellents, this oil really helps prevent bug bites. Mix Lemon Eucalyptus with half water and half alcohol, then spritz generously to guard against nasty pests.

Citronella Essential Oil: Blend a couple drops of Citronella with Sweet Almond Oil and apply to skin before going outdoors to create an insect free zone.

Essential Oils for Sunburn

REVIVE Sunkissed: The perfect blend of soothing oils that helps to nourish skin after a long day in the sun. Simply add a few drops to any carrier oil and apply as needed.

Lavender Essential Oil: Calm skin on demand with this anti-inflammatory oil. Lavender can be applied neat or with a carrier when your delicate skin has been overexposed.
Helichrysum Essential Oil: One of the best skin healing oils, just a drop or two of Helichrysum can help to heal wounds and prevent scarring which is beneficial for a severe burn.

Essential Oils for a Road Trip

REVIVE Citrus Break: This mega citrusy synergy not only makes your car smell incredible, but it is also energizing and refreshing. Use with your Branch Car Diffuser to keep you chugging along.

Ginger Essential Oil: If car trips give you motion sickness, this spicy oil is ideal for settling your upset tummy. Just a few sniffs can calm the queasiness.

REVIVE Calm: If the kids are getting antsy in the backseat or you are prone to feeling a little road rage, this synergy can help ease the situation.

Essential Oils to Bring on Vacation

REVIVE Sleep: After a long day of exploring distant lands, it can be hard to wind down. Put a few drops of this sleepytime blend on your pillow before hitting the hay.

Frankincense Essential Oil: A great way to feel grounded when you are traveling. Inhale Frankincense to help ease tension and bring you back to center.

REVIVE Digest Support Roll-on: When traveling, we often don’t make the best food choices. Roll Digest Support onto the stomach as needed to ease the indigestion.

Essential Oils for Chilling in the Summer Heat

Peppermint Essential Oil: When the afternoon sun is blazing, apply a little mint for an instant cool down. A few drops mixed with cool water on a cloth to the back of the neck will give you the perfect refresh.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: This oil is ideal for summer sports. Boasting cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, apply with a carrier oil to any over heated muscles.

Essential Oils to Tame your Mane

REVIVE Healthy Hair: Smooth out frizzy hair by nourishing it with this moisturizing blend. Use daily to maintain a healthy mane.

Rosemary Essential Oil: After a sweaty day, your hair needs extra love. Add a few drops of Rosemary to your natural shampoo to kill germs and stimulate the scalp.

Essential Oils for Summer Nights

REVIVE Summer of Love: This blend radiates positive energy and brings you back to those cheerful summer evenings as a child. Diffuse as desired to create fun summer vibes.

Jasmine Roll-on:  Apply this intensely floral roller to pulse points to set a romantic tone for heated midsummer nights under the stars.


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