Shani W

Certified Meditation Coach and a Shinin Reiki Master

I am Shani, a practicing Certified Meditation

Coach and a Shinin Reiki Master in Atlanta,

Myrtle Beach and Houston areas. My biggest

credential for teaching self healing is that I

practice myself, to create balance in my life .

I honestly believe in self healing and our

natural ability to tap into ourselves ,our

higher power and each other. I have seen

what it has done for my life and

others.Through meditation I opened myself

up to my purpose. To teach others what I

have learned, to encourage self healing

practices and share my love and hope for

happiness with everyone I meet! I have been

compelled to study in the exciting world of

self healing and currently have a

Professional diploma in Meditation and

Mindful Practice, Alternative Healing

Therapies , 16 point acupressure,and Brain

cognitive therapy . I am the owner of a

holistic Aromatherapy company “Shanis

Suns Soul Medicine” . My biggest

accomplishment is becoming a Certified

Reiki Master and opening my current

practice. I enjoy helping others find their

inner peace, and love for themselves and

others. The Hindus believe Mindfulness is

the key to ending human suffering, I may be

of Christian faith , but they definitely are on

to something …. I believe so as well. May

God light your path and may Love carry you

thru…...Master Shani

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