Pink Globe Light

Pink Globe Light

Pink Globe Light

✦ Product Name: Small Pink Globe Himalayan Salt Lamp
✦ Material: Himalayan Salt
✦ Shape: Round Globe
✦ Style: Classic
✦ Base: Solid Wood
✦ Color: Pink
If you are looking something unique and innovative for your house, whether you are decorating it the first time or if you are renovating the place, natural small pink globe crystal salt lamp, can definitely be the best addition to the place. Salt gems lamp is a thing of beauty.
They are not only distinct in shape, in fact, but their amazing health benefits also make them favorite of all. Each lamp is unique, come in globe shape with solid wooden base.
The adorable handcrafted white globe salt lamp is ideal to be displayed in bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, beauty spas, saloons and more. The soothing effect of this illuminating piece adds serenity to any place.
✔ Himalayan Salt Lamp in charming globe shape is made from natural crystals of pure Himalayan salt blocks that are hand mined.
✔ With its contemporary look Salt Globe Lamp is suitable for any place, whether it is office, salon, spa, living room, or dining room, it fits right into any place and enhances its ambiance.
✔ They do enhance the value of your place over simple lamps. They consume less power and therefore fewer electricity bills and salt lamps are cost effective than lamps available in the market.
✔ Naturally beautiful when off; pleasant and relaxing amber light once lit. Wonderful as mood lighting.
✔ Enjoy the Health Benefits from the natural properties of the Himalayan Salt Lamps With the light on, the salt crystals and healing stones release ions into the air.
✔ It can improve your mood, improve breathing, Reduce Stress, Increase energy level, Improve sleeping, Reduces asthma and allergy symptoms.
✔ Make a great gift idea as home décor, bedroom décor or housewarming gift for mom gifts, dad gifts, Christmas gift , New Year’s gift, Wedding gift, birthday, Halloween, eastern, and more.
✔ Before buying our item, you have to agree to the policies and conditions.
✔ It is not for any commercial purposes.
✔ Please use the delicate item carefully because it will last if you take care of the item.
✔ If you can't find any information related to product then feel free to contact us. We are fast to reply :)

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